Light Communications Investment (LCI) is a professional media production company comprising of a team of highly skilled and technical individuals with expertise in creating dynamic media content for educational and promotional purposes.

LCI is the owner of Light TV, a leading television station championing the promotion of the developmental transformation of Liberia. We are glad to be the only television station in Liberia that broadcast 100% Liberian content.

We provide a one-stop shop where ideas are developed, produced, packaged, and broadcasted to a wide range of audience both in Liberia and abroad taking advantage of our online presence.

Pioneering Outside Broadcasting in Liberia, Light TV offers the public Live Event Coverage. Whether it is a launching event, a government function, a sporting event, or a church event, Light TV has you covered. We are setup to bring your events directly on the global stage for the world to watch as your events take place. Get your partners, donors, supporters, or well-wishers to follow your events live on Light TV either online here or on cable (SATCON Channel 2).

Light TV - Liberia's Premier Online Television


Light TV - Liberian Online Television